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Sous Viza a wealthy powerful man wants to hunt her heart

Cambodian singer in HangMeas Production, Sous Viza, seems to have a good fortune in the new year as her career and popularity have grown significantly. Though Sous Viza has not had many experiences in the field of art and entertainment, she makes herself attractive through her natural beauty and her own fashion styles as the modern teenagers. Many rich men want to hook her heart in order to be the life part ...

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Cambodian actress took fans by surprise with her almost lackingatop dress

Cambodian performer, Chhor Yi, took her fans by surprise with her dress exposing top half of her body. She was participating in a top artist award ceremony in Cambodia. The ceremony was organized for the second year, adopting top artist award ceremonies in the US. How performers and artists in Cambodia dressed to the ceremony has received criticisms from Cambodian Facebook users. Chhor Yi has been the parti ...

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Lyta is much more beautiful, can’t take an eye off her!

An actress, and also an emcee for Bayon Tv station, Lyta, is seemed more beautiful on both her styles and make up, which makes the public cannot even recognize her. Before, Lyta was just an emcee at MyTV Tv station and she held youth and style program, and most of her programs focused on the fashion and teenagers. Then she becomes a model since her beauty and talent fit quite well and recently, Lyta has ste ...

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Tim Vattey doesn’t want to follow her sister’s path!

A female actress, Tim Vattery, who is Tim Ratha's sister, has strongly emphasizes that she doesn’t want to involve herself in the entertaining industry as her sister since she would not have her personal and private time, according to the Lookingtoday. Tim Vattey, who has shot many karaoke songs, and also one of the model in Cambodia SuperModel, told the media that she is not really busy these days an ...

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Alyza posts intimate smoking hot photos with Alex Zora

Recently, a sexy face actress, Alyza has posted her photos with Alex Zora, revealing too much body, according to the Lookingtoday. In many photos, it is seen that Alyza is wearing only a small piece of shirt, and she lets Alex Zora hugged and kissed, and it is so closed between two of them. Moreover, Alex Zora is known as a famous male actor who has just broken up with his girlfriend, Kong Chanratha, but no ...

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