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Linda Chung expresses bad temper during filming

it is of no surprise that the 29-year-old did not even bother to hide her bad mood during the filming for Tiger Cubs 2 last week, reports Jayne Stars.

Linda’s first solo concert, Love Love Love, was held on August 22 and 23 at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Center. In addition to exhaustive preparations, the negative critical reviews that Linda had garnered from her concert – old-fashioned costumes, poor vocal abilities, less-than-stellar dancing, and uncharismatic stage presence – notably contributed to Linda’s recent downcast mood.

During the break, Linda rarely interacted with the crew and sat in a far corner. When a crew member came up to her to ask if she wanted water, Linda dully replied, “I don’t want it. I only drink Pocari Sweat (Japanese sports drink).” She immediately called another crew member to purchase the drink for her.

When bystanders stopped by to ask for photographs, Linda pretended she did not hear them. When she noticed a reporter snapping photos of her, she angrily said, “Can you silent your camera?”

After shooting Tiger Cubs 2, Linda will not accept any job offers and return to Canada for a long break.


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