The most amazing College Campus in the U.S( Kenyon College)

Kenyon College has been recognized for its superior swimming and diving teams but many people around the country may not realize this college in Ohio is one of the most picturesque in the nation. Known for its Gothic Revival architecture the campus features several buildings that have inspired designers around the country. Ascension Hall is an imposing and impressive structure and Old Kenyon Hall, built in 1827, is believed to be the oldest Gothic Revival building in America. The setting for Kenyon is wonderfully rustic and the college was named one of the most beautiful in the country by Forbes in 2010.

Singapore man found his wife working as freelance whore in Geylang

A 51 year old Singaporean uncle got the shock of his life when he saw his wife working as a freelance whore in Geylang!

Geylang is one of the designated Red Light district in Singapore with legalized brothels, but many foreign women ply their trade there as well by standing along its narrow alleys and soliciting for customers publicly.

Speaking to queries from the media, the man who is working as a security guard claimed that his wife left home recently after being ‘enticed’ by another man, leaving him and their two children in the lurch.

It is not known if his wife is a local or foreigner and he did not reveal why he was at Geylang at that moment in time.

Red Carpet Trends Summer LBDs

While prints, neons and tie dye are perfect for summer days, when the sun goes down, black still rules.

This was definitely the case on the red carpet this weekend as LBDs dominated at the Spike TV’s ‘Guys Choice’ Awards.

Mila Kunis (in Lanvin), Emma Stone (in Versace), Malin Akerman (in Emporio Armani) and Kate Beckinsale (in Tom Ford) all wore black; as did Dianna Agron, hosting the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

The Queen of the LBDs, Jennifer Aniston (in Valentino), also jumped on the trend this weekend at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Charlize Theron is the other star who is opting for LBDs a lot this summer.

She at least punches up her look with a bright pink lip colour and statement heels, which is the key to working a LBD as a chic, easy breezy look this summer.

Students found teachers’ 20-minute sex video

A group of students were browsing files on the school’s computer server when they found something totally unexpected. It was a video of the school’s two strictest teachers — having sex for 20 minutes.

The teachers were from an international school here, and were described as students to be like ‘Voldermort’ (the antagonist from the Harry Potter series) as he is very stern and always wears black; and the woman was said to be one of the strictest teachers there.

Although the teachers, who are dating and could get married soon, have finished their contracts and left the school, some of the students who viewed and in turn, shared the video, know who they are. The video has also gone viral on ********.

The sex video, taken from what seems to be a mounted camera, shows a naked man and a woman in a camisole, underwear and high-heel shoes. They are having sex in a bedroom.

According to the report in The New Paper, a spokesperson said there was no breach in the school’s IT security, but the school has briefed its senior leadership, so they can share the learnings from the incident and promote the responsible use of technology with the senior students in the upcoming academic year.

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