Two Korean Sisters have tattoos all over the body

Both sisters have long hair and feminine dresses look closely to the program itself. But even then, when they turn showing each tattoo on the body, then amazed everyone.

The woman called Jo Ah Hae pointing to carp tattoo on his arm and said, “ They say the carp is a symbol of money, so I had it tattooed. “

Then, she showed the audience her tattoo Buddha Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva behind. Ah Hae Jo adds: “ To get this tattoo, I had to lie for 10 hours, do not eat anything and not go to the toilet “.

The children named Jo Na In tattoo form a tree more clearly calf. She explained: “ I should have Buddhist tattoo form . “ Then she was to see the monster tattoo Hannya by Japanese folk concept.This tattoo extends from the thigh to the bone instep.

No easy victory for Singapore beauty queen who is 80 per cent deaf

Despite having a hearing disability, Miss Chui Yee Shia overcame all odds and was crowned a title-holder at Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2013 held at Intercontinental Hotel on Saturday night. The 25-year-old makeup artist, who is 80 per cent deaf in both ears, was named Miss Singapore Friendship International 2013, one of six titles given out at the finals. She also bagged three out of the 10 subsidiary awards voted on by judges and sponsors – Miss Photogenic, Miss Healing Touch and Miss V10 Plus Ambassador – making her the biggest winner of the night. An elated Miss Chui told The New Paper after the pageant: “I feel really great. I’ve always wanted to be an inspiration to others, to show that having a disability doesn’t have to stop me from achieving my dreams, no matter how big and wild they might be.” Besides Miss Singapore Friendship International, Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2013 – which is into its 25th year – also awarded titles like Miss Singapore Tourism Queen International, Miss Singapore Global Beauty Queen, Miss Singapore All Nations, Miss Singapore International Model Of The Year and Miss Singapore Bride Of The World.

Miss Gossip Hong Kong 2013 Tammy Ouyang lose out because of scandal

Did Miss Hong Kong 2013 hopeful Tammy Ou-Yang miss out on a place in the top three due to her negative image?

Despite certainly being the most talked about contestant, she only managed an 8th place spot.

It seems Tammy had also earned for herself quite an unsavory reputation among her fellow contestants.

When special judge Eric Tsang asked which of the contestants was best at disguising her intentions, contestant Sisley Choi directly said she felt Tammy Ou-Yang was ‘very fake’ because she was good at impressions.

Been on more than 100 dates but have no partner still

Genecia Low, who is the Miss Singaporean International 2006, has been on more than a hundred dates, but has yet to find a partner.

29-year-old said her dating agency, Lunch Actually, has set her up on over 100 dates, but none of those dates have led to a second date.

She runs her own coaching business InQueenz, which provides personal development programmes such as interpersonal skills, and grooming and deportment

Miss Luo says she can earn up to $500,000 per annum.

“One of the reasons why these dates never progress to anything more is because most of the men are intimidated by my success,” she added.

She insists that she is not choosy and have a “very basic set of criteria”.

He has to be taller than the 1.79m beauty for a start. She also makes sure that the men that she is set up with are at least five years older, and has a preference for someone who is in a managerial or directorial position as she wants someone who is “at the same level” as her. Does that mean she has too many criterias?

Rich Malaysian Girls apologies Singaporean for her misbehavior

According to an article in The New Paper, the business management undergraduate at Australia’s University of Queensland in Brisbane, wrote in a post on her blog that there were “disagreements among many Singaporeans” on a local forum about the Government’s move to “loosen the immigration criteria” and approve “more PR applications”.

Miss Seow, who studied Business Enterprise IT at Nanyang Polytechnic, said that although she was born in Malaysia, she had been living in Singapore since she was a baby.
“I don’t see how my Malaysian mum and I had no contributions to Singapore’s society for the past 20-over years. At least, our shopping taxes fed a lot of Singaporeans!” she wrote.

Netizens who read her comments were outraged and called her a “spoilt brat” and a “disgusting Malaysian”.

Miss Seow has since posted an apology on The Real Singapore website, explaining that her post was written three years ago and has no relevance today.

She added that her comment about “poor Singaporeans” was directed solely at a “random Singaporean” complaining about Malaysians and Chinese nationals in Singapore.

But she conceded that her post was “badly written” and could have been “easily misread to seem like it was directed at all Singaporeans”.

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