Malaysian From Playboy to Mermaid

Meet Malaysian model Felixia Yeap, whose latest business venture – involving the attachment of colourful fins, scales and a long tail to her body – has been raising eyebrows.

Yeap, 27, is no stranger to controversy, reported The New Paper.

In May 2011, she made headlines in Asia by becoming Malaysia’s first and only Playboy Bunny when she was handpicked for a waitressing job at Macau’s Playboy Club Macao, a swanky nightspot for high-rollers.

She was offered a full-time position by its manager via Facebook in September 2010, but she chose to do a one-month stint instead as she was bent on “returning to modelling” in her home country.

The club, located at Sands Macao Hotel, has since closed.

These days, the bosomy former kindergarten teacher who boasts enviable 32C assets is making waves literally – by swimming while dressed as a mermaid at parties.

Grace Chan wins Miss Hong Kong 2013

Fan-favourite Grace Chan has been crowned 2013′s Miss Hong Kong. She secured some 170,000 votes, putting her well ahead of runner-up Sisley Choi who earned 110,000. Second runner up was Moon Lau, who earned just 60,000 votes. After her comes Virginia Lau from Beijing, followed by Vicky Chan. A total of 530,000 votes were cast in the contest, fifty percent of which were from professional and celebrity judge evaluations, while the last fifty percent were from the audience. Winner Grace Chan, 22 years old, is a college graduate and was early favorite in the pageant. In the Miss Hong Kong semifinals on August 25, Grace was among the five contestants chosen by the audience. She also bagged the Miss Photogenic and Tourism Ambassador award, as well as Audience’s Current Favorite and Media’s Favorite at earlier functions.

Grace aspires to become a successful television presenter and artist. 

Fans rant at Gillian Chung for changing name for the fourth time

Believe it or not, Gillian Chung has changed her name once again, making this the fourth time. The 32-year-old  singer has certainly made things complicated for her fans. Ah Gil’s birth name was “Chung Tik Shan”, then her name changed to “Chung Ka Lai” and when she made her debut in showbiz, she changed to her stage name “Chung Yun Tung”. Yesterday, Ah Gil announced on Weibo that her name has officially changed to “Chung Yun Tung”, which is the same pronunciation but different “Tung” character. Ah Gil changed her Weibo account to her new name and wrote a surprising message: “Its not an oversight, I changed my name.” Ah Gil had four different names in her lifetime, Netizens speculated she changed her name so many times because she wanted to change her fortune/fate. Yesterday her manager Mani Fok, who is currently in Beijing, expressed Ah Gil had planned to change her name several months ago.

Ahn Young Mi is confident she is prettier than miss As Suzy

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Happy Together,” which was aired on August 29, comedian Ahn Young Mi revealed her abundant confidence. According to an article in Soompi, Ahn Young Mi stated, “Suzy is only 20 years old and that is why everyone calls her ‘Nation’s First Love.’ However, when you see her in person, she is actually only average looking. She does have better skin because she is younger. But she is big. I think I am better looking than Suzy.” To this, MC Yoo Jae Suk became speechless. As a fan of Suzy, he had a shocked expression on his face.

Girlfriend TVB star Gabriel Harrison tried to suicide

Effie Mok, the makeup stylist girlfriend of former TVB star Gabriel Harrison, attempted suicide by swallowing 30 sleeping pills and left behind two written farewell notes. Fortunately, Effie was rescued by Gabriel just in time, and she was immediately taken to the hospital. Gabriel, a former TVB actor, debuted under TVB’s New Talent Singing contest in 1994, and later released an album under Capital Artists. He is best known for his role as Cheung Yat Fei in 1997’s Detective Investigation Files III. According to various reports, 41-year-old Gabriel and 28-year-old Effie have been living together for over a year and a half. On August 22, Gabriel and Effie attended a birthday party in Central, and the couple did not leave for home until 3 a.m. the next morning, reported Sources say that Effie’s attempted suicide was due to a fight the couple had at the birthday party. Gabriel and Effie were confronted with relationship problems and the two heatedly argued. Most likely influenced by the alcoholic beverages, Gabriel and Effie’s small argument eventually propelled to a big fight, and it took great effort for their friends to calm them down.

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