GaIn yelled after seeing her yearbook photo

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga-In apparently, has a not so pretty past. According to an article in Soompi, on the recent episode of Mnet “Beatles Code 2,” special guests Gain and EXO were featured in a summer horror special. A segment of the episode ran through a set of iconic ghosts in several horror movies, when suddenly Gain’s old yearbook photo came on screen. Netizens have responded: “It’s okay after you put on make-up,” “Gain was really surprised there,” “She was kind of cute,” “The magic of make-up,” “Let’s always put on that eyeliner.” Is Gain’s yearbook photo simply endearing or positively ghastly?

Miss Hong Kong finalists

They may have become good friends with one another outside of the competition but put the 20 Miss Hong Kong finalists on a catwalk and the niceties are off as they bid to make it to the final 10. Even though some of the contestants experienced a wardrobe malfunction while sashaying down the catwalk in a specially-designed swimsuit for the pageant, it was not enough to throw them off their A-game. China News reported that the swimsuit made at least five contestants show more flesh than they had intended, while a contestant’s belly bulged out in the swimsuit. The one-piece also helped accentuate the assets of three contestants, one of them who made it through to the next round. The 10 finalists who will vie for the Miss Hong Kong 2013 crown are Kendy Cheung, Moon Lau, Virginia Lau, Sisley Choi, Grace Chan, Acca Sum, Karen Leung, Tammy Ou Yang, Peggy Tsui and Vicky Chan.

Actress Ha Na Kyung showing her chests accidentally

Actress Ha Na Kyung attended the “33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards” recently suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. On  the actress ‘, where she made her appearance wearing a flattering hourglass style gown with a low-cut neckline and a dress nearly finished 90 percent of his body.   But as she walked down the red carpet, Ha Na Kyung ended up falling after tripping on her dress, exposing her bouncing (fake?) breast.

Japanese actress insures chest for protection against male fans

We all know of celebrities who have taken out unusual insurance policies that provides specific protection on certain parts of their bodies but a Japanese actress has attracted headlines for insuring her chest to the tune of 100 million yen ($1.3m). According to a PCgames report, Anri Okita, who reportedly boasts a chest that measures a L-cup, made the revealation at a meet-and-greet session with fans. She said that the policy was meant to protect ‘the upper half of her body’ due to the excessive hugging she has to do when interacting with droves of male fans who follow her religiously at public events. There is good cause for why Okita, who moved to Taiwan for more opportunities in showbiz, chose to take out an insurance policy on her well-endowed chest. She was reportedly worried after her assets continued to grow bigger despite her being out of puberty. Add to that the fact that she’s known to fans as the ‘girl with the epic body’ is reason enough for her to protect her valuable assets.

4D movie already chose the actresses

The new movie is set to be filmed and produced in 4-D, where your seat vibrates and gyrates in synchronization with the film.

Executive producer Stephen Shiu Jr told The New Paper last year that he is in no rush to have the film made, as he hopes to “wait for new technology to develop first”.

Many countries’ cinemas are still not equipped with vibrating seats.

According to Hong Kong-based Apple Daily, some names have already been chose and confirmed for the cast of a new 4D movie. It is going to be awesome since the viewers can feel the movie as like the actors and actresses.

These include bosomy 31-year-old Taiwanese model Alina Hsu, who is known for her F-cup size, and Japanese A-list stars Yuma Asami, 25, Rio (Tina Yuzuki), 26, and Sora Aoi, 29.

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